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While planning a holiday vacation, one of the top places that you may think about will be Washington DC. The main reason for this is the countless number of attractions that the city hosts. There are many historical buildings, neo-classical monuments, enlightening museums, natural landscapes, adventurous sports, majestic and budget-friendly restaurants, happening nightclubs, and many more in DC, which make US capital city one of the hottest holiday spots in the world. Hence, Washington DC will be a suitable choice for all the architectural buffs, history and political enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, foodies, and the nocturnal bees out there. In simple words, Washington DC has something in store for every one irrespective of your budget, age, and area of interests.

One of the attractive things about Washington DC is the variety of delicacies served here. Apart from authentic American cuisine, you can enjoy a vast food menu of many other countries as well on your Washington DC tours. Even though it will not be humanly possible for a traveler to relish all these food variants on their DC tours, there are some drool-worthy food dishes that you must at least try once in your lifetime, especially when you are in the capital city of the United States. Relishing these food options is sure to make your trip even more unique, iconic, and memorable. Some of those ultimate must-try foods in DC that you must include in your bucket list are given below.

Half Smoke

One of the best food options that you can try on your DC tours is the half smoke, served at Meat and Foods restaurant in Bloomingdale. It is actually a type of hot dog, although the main specialty here is that the cooks in Meat and Foods make their own sausages on a daily basis so that it tastes fresh. It will be served with a surprising amount of heat and will be topped with thinly sliced onion with mustard and chili sauce. You can choose the toppings depending on your budget and tastes as well.


Even though the name of the dish sounds Indian, this amazing food item is actually Georgian. Here, you can see the ever-loving combination of eggs, cheese, and butter. All these delicious ingredients are mixed well and are topped on a thick-crusted bread so that it resembles a hot tub made of a big bread. You can decide the proportion of every ingredient on your bread and add some extra toppings, such as cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, etc., too. This mouthwatering dish is served at the Compass Rose restaurant, located at 14th St.

Margherita Pizza

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You cannot wrap up your DC tours without pampering your taste buds with an appealing Margherita pizza. The one served at Amy’s bistro that is located at the Cathedral Heights is one of the best available in the American capital city. Here, an incredible combination of Margherita cheese, dried spices, and baby tomatoes will do the job. Some say there is no other place in DC where you get to taste the authentic Italian pizza. In fact, the Italian government has certified that the Amy’s is properly adhering to their tradition of pizza making.


Kitfo is actually a delicious and irresistible Ethiopian take on beef tartare. This wholesome meal consists of raw beef that is gently seasoned with aromatic spices, a squish, and sour injera bread with scoops of green chutney and cheese. Each item will be served separately and you can mix it up according to your taste. One full potion of kitfo that is served at the Ethiopic restaurant in the H Street will be enough for two people. In case you are hesitant about eating raw beef, there is a fully cooked version as well.

Falafel Sandwich

The falafel sandwich is one of the best Arabic food items that any food lover can hardly resist. The falafel sandwich served at the Amsterdam Falafel eatery, which is located in Adams Morgan at the 14th Street, is sure to give you goose bumps when savored. The dish consists of five falafel balls, a unique blend of salted veggies, meat, and cheese as the toppings, and two fluffy sandwich loaves of bread. One such sandwich will be enough for a person. Plus, this will be way too affordable when compared to a five-course meal. The restaurant is known for their falafel sandwich as well as their fried-to-perfection crunchies that are served at night.

Pork and Lychee Salad

The pork and lychee salad that is served at Rose’s Luxury restaurant that is located at the Barracks Row is one of the tastiest dishes in DC. No wonder, every local in DC knows the way to Rose’s Luxury. This magic bowl of salad entails shredded and creamy coconut, crispy pork sausage, plump lychees, habanero peppers, and unique blend of herbs topped with juliennes of cabbage, lettuce, tomato, carrot, and onion.

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