What Makes Madame Tussauds in Washington DC Different From Other Wax Museums?

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Although the 12th ever built across the globe and opened in 2007, the Madame at Washington DC stays unique for its interactive and contemporary style. It is very different from stereotypical wax museums. Themed rooms are always being set for the visitors here.

  • Interactive Touring: Visitors can see, feel and even hear life-like statues in the museum. Also, there is lots of digital content in the form of photos and videos to explore.
  • Encounter all 45 presidents of US in a Single Go: The museum is the only place where you can see all of the US Presidents, numbering 45. It features the most number of political figures as well, since the period of George Washington.
  • Its location: Aside from building a memorial of former US President Mr. Abraham Lincoln at the spot where he had been murdered, an astonishing wax museum was set up to commemorate the political icons of the country. It is located across the lane from Ford’s Theatre, and most Washington DC private tours are bound to pass at least close to it.
  • Mommy Blogger Campaign: This an exclusive offer provided to the Mommy Blogger site users, through which they can enjoy everything in a budget-friendly mode.
  • Behind the Scenes Room: This is an extension or one of the offers included in the Mummy Blogger. Kids visiting the museum during summer vacation can glance at how the museum had been established, and the background history dating back more than 200 years.
  • Chinese New Year: In the 2019 inception, the museums had launched a new session to celebrate the Pig Year of the Chinese The splendid customs and tradition of China are elaborated here, covering everything from vibrant dragon dances to lively lantern art. Statues of Jackie Chan, Carina Lau, Liu Xiang are among the must-sees.
  • World-renowned Media Fames: Once you step into this gallery of Media and Entertainment, you could meet some of the leading names in showbiz. Statues of Larry King and Stephen Colbert are certainly going to be welcome sights.
  • First Ladies: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama are standing life-like in the gallery room. It would obviously turn heads.
  • Cultural Icons, Sports, Music, and A-List Party Rooms: Besides the above-mentioned gallery rooms, the museum gives a diverse sight of personalities prominent in culture, sports, music, and others.

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