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People usually consider Washington DC as a city that holds great political and historic prominence. However, it is not necessary that you ought to be a political buff or a history enthusiast in order to explore Washington.

Actually, DC is also known for its astounding architectural wonders, eclectic lifestyle, and many other attractions. One of the most popular things that you may consider to explore DC is going for any of the American history museum tours. This will be a great opportunity to know about the past, the present, and the future of the United States. Along with that, there are many other museums, which contribute to the idea of considering Washington DC as your next travel destination, and some of the in-depth details about those top-rated museums are given below.

The Museums of DC

It is not necessary that you must be a pro in history in order to enjoy your time in a museum. Just stroll through a museum; you will never feel out of place. Note that Washington DC is known for its vast variety of museums – the city boasts 11 out of 19 Smithsonian museums. Some of the most popular ones include the National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, and the Museum of National History. One of the best things about these museums is that you can explore the amazing galleries here free of cost. In addition, each and every exhibit at these museums are world class.

Another museum in DC that is worth a visit is the International Spy Museum. Here, you can see many artifacts and spy devices that you may have probably imagined or watched in movies. Some of the valuable exhibits in the museum include a stuffed pigeon that was used as a spy camera during the time of World War II, tiny microphones, bug devices, etc.

The International Spy Museum organizes some interactive activities too. So, if you ever dreamed of becoming a spy, you can make your dream into a reality here. If you give it a go, the employees will hand you over a case or a mystery along with some clues and puzzles. You will have to use your intellectual skills, instincts, and guts in order to solve the same.

Newseum is another option that you may consider when you are on your Washington DC tours. This museum is a perfect option for all the curious bees out there since it beautifully displays the evolution of communication. Newseum houses a vast number of exhibits including the front page of more than 80 international newspapers in its fifteen galleries. In addition, there are 15 theaters here, which feature the evolution of press, world press freedom, news history, first amendment, etc.

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